This Years Event Dates / July 1 (9AM EST) to July 6th (Midnight EST)
(July 1, 2017-1300 UTC to July 7, 2017-0400 UTC)

13 Colonies is an annual contest held during the 4th Of July Week. Those who participate try to make contact(s) with all 13 Colony Stations, and the 2 Bonus Stations. You do not need to make contact will all 13 to get the certificate. Getting all 13 + the 2 Bonus is known as a Clean Sweep. Use the links to the left for information on each State (Colony) , and the Bonus Stations. Good Luck and see you in the pile up's!

The 13 Colonies will have TWO Bonus Stations:

Our old friends " WM3PEN " will participate from Philadelphia, PA, where independence was declared. The 13 Colonies certificate will have a Liberty Bell added for a contact with " WM3PEN ". Visit the " WM3PEN " page for details on this station

Our 2nd Bonus Station, " GB13COL " will operate from Durham, England. For a Contact with " GB13COL " , The 13 Colonies certificate will have an
endorsement of the "British Standard". Visit the " GB13COL " page for details on this station.

Volunters: If you wish to participate as a 13 Colonies operator from your state, please email Ken Villone (KU2US) at dentron1@yahoo.com. He will forward your request to the appropriate state manager for consideration. The only requirement is that you must be a General class or higher and be willing to put in some serious operating time.

Spotting If you work a colony station, you are encouraged to spot it for others.
We suggest DX Summit.

The 13 Colonies Special Event is a not for profit event. All donations are used to fund the next years event, and to defray any expenses occurred. All donations are used for operating costs, supplies, equipment, and 13 Colony Group initiatives. Donation is voluntary. If you have difficulty with a donation, tell us on your log sheet, and we will send you the certificate earned-No Questions Asked!.