Independence Hall Special Event Call: WM3PEN

WM3PEN will operate using D-STAR, Fusion and AllStar!

WM3PEN will be on D-STAR and Fusion each evening from 7-10 PM Eastern Time (2300Z-0200Z). 
In the Philadelphia area they will be on the K3PDR repeater.

DSTAR - reflector Ref 063 Module D.

Fusion – Room Name – 13Col : Number is 28173 

WM3PEN will be on the AllStar Network each evening from 7-8 PM Eastern Time (2300Z-0000Z)

Node: 27225

WM3PEN will also be operating simplex on VHF. Check here for details.

QSL Info Here
WM3PEN: Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club – Web Pages

We have additional operators from the following clubs.
Philmont Mobile Radio Club - Web Pages
Philadelphia Digital Radio Association - Web Pages
Pottstown Area Amateur Radio Club  Web Pages